Objectives for the development of the border area

•improving the conditions for sustainable mobility

•developing a common labour market and economic area

Available in the following areas of intervention

•cooperation on common values and resources

•cooperation on accessibility

•cooperation in the field of employment

•cooperation on health and prevention

•cooperation in risk prevention and disaster management

•cooperation between institutions and communities

As an institution for the development of the region, the EGTC made the following project proposals:

I. Further development of church-based tourism in Békés and Arad counties
II. Developing a cycling training and awareness centre
III. Awareness raising, events and programs facilitating the exchange of experiences in the Hungarian—Romanian border region
IV. Development of an incubator house
V. Increase of cross-border regional health standards in Békés and Arad counties
VI. Strengthening agricultural activity by transforming the unemployed people (with a complex program) into a medium-term self-employed
VII Cooperation to improve education and labour market


In Hungary, the Hungarian Village Program offers further opportunities in Békés county, in which it also seeks to participate through its member municipalities.

The 2020 goals are to promote the religious and cultural values of our member villages, which we imagine through developing PR films.